316 Sports

316 Sports exists to reach families with the love of Christ through recreational sports opportunities. Our desire is to equip players physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually by teaching positive life values. We also help students develop in their chosen athletic activity through a quality youth sports program and offer activities for adults at all levels and abilities.

Sports Offered

Our goal is to offer a fun, safe environment where players are taught the sport then given time to implement what they have learned during practice, which is immediately followed by a game. Games and practices are at the same time and location each week and last approximately 90 minutes (40 minutes of practice, followed by a 40-minute game). Every game is followed by 10 minutes of Truth Time, focusing on the current theme.

Registration for Fall 2022 Sports goes live July 11!
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Fall 2022 Sports Lineup:
Baseball | $109
T-Ball I $99
Cheer | $109
Soccer | $109
Level 1 Flag Football I $109
Level 2 Flag Football I $109
Level 1 Football I $135
Level 2 Football I $185
Level 3 Middle School Wildcat Football I $325
Run Club I $60
Sand Volleyball I $60


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John Sprinkle

Minister of Sports Evangelism & Men

Melody Richardson
Ministry Assistant