Who's Your One?

We must do whatever it takes to reach the lost, and it starts with ONE.

In 2021, we are asking everyone to participate in the initiative, as we pray God leads many people in our community to faith in Christ. Though “making disciples of all nations” is a command from Jesus himself (Matt 28:19), reaching lost people with the gospel can be difficult and intimidating for many Christians. Here you find resources on how to better share the gospel, daily/weekly devotionals and prayer guides that will encourage you throughout the year. Pease take advantage of these resources as you reach your One. Also, feel free to share your One with us so we can pray for them along with you!

Tell Us About Your One

We are so excited to partner with you through this year of intentional discipleship. Fill out this form to tell us about your One so we can begin praying with you and provide helpful resources along the way.

Share Your Story

We would love to hear about the journey you are taking with your One. Whether they came to church with you for the first time, have made a profession of faith, or another step, fill out the form below so we can follow up with you.



How do I identify my One?

I have my One...now what?

Why are we counting professions of faith?

What role does my Life Group play?

Everyday begins Today

Love others because
He loved us first.

Who's Your One?